We are Victoria Westminster

The Victoria Westminster BID is a Business Improvement District covering an area of national significance in Central London and working closely with the Victoria Business Improvement District.

The benefits of a business improvement district are clear to see with 55 BIDs in operation across central London and over 300 within the United Kingdom. The Victoria Business Improvement District was the BID proposer of the Victoria Westminster Partnership and is a fully established BID now in its 3rd term.

The Partnership was originally established in October 2016 to help support and influence businesses to move forward with the ever-changing needs and aspirations for the area. The group was made up from landowners, developers, members of the local business community and key stakeholders such as Transport for London. Building on the success of the Victoria Business Improvement District there was significant interest from the business community to extend the footprint to cover a wider boundary. The creation of the Business Improvement District aims to meets the needs of the business community who sat just outside the original Victoria BID boundary and we endeavour to create the same sense of place and opportunities for the future within the Victoria Westminster.

The area is a key tourist destination which also houses the seat of Parliament and offers a variety of historic and cultural assets. The BID aims to create an area where businesses are keen to be located and which provides a safe, exciting environment full of energy for employers, employees, tourists and local residents.

There has been significant redevelopment in Victoria and we are now seeing the benefit of these developments coming on stream; there are further exciting large developments underway such as the redevelopment of the old New Scotland Yard premises and the development of Buckingham Green which will bring more opportunities and an even further offer to those already using the area and attracting more people to “work, rest and play” here.

Our Core Themes

Safe and Secure

Establishing a unique Safe and Secure programme.

Destination Victoria Westminster

Promoting Victoria Westminster as a dynamic business, cultural and residential district.

Clean and Green

Enhancing the environment to benefit businesses and the community.

Sustainable Prosperity

Demonstrating economic, environmental and social sustainability in all aspects of our work.

Public Realm

Engaging business stakeholders in developing a public realm strategy.

Our Partners

To find out about becoming a Victoria Westminster Partner, please email nicki@victoriawestminsterbid.co.uk with your company details.