Our Work

We focus on five core strategic themes: Cleaning and Greening, Destination, Placemaking, Community Safety and Business Resilience and Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Each programme is guided by our board, which is made up of representatives from a variety of
sectors within the BID area and supported by targeted steering groups.  If your business is interested in being represented on a Victoria Westminster BID steering group contact us here.

Cleaning and Greening

Our Cleaning and Greening programme delivers projects that keep the open spaces of Victoria Westminster clean and inviting for businesses. Through collaboration with Westminster City Council (WCC) our street team works to enhance the footprint daily to provide a nicer place to work, live and visit.


Our Destination theme promotes Victoria Westminster as a world-class destination in London. We work with our business partners to actively promote the historic and cultural assets Victoria Westminster has and the various experiences it offers, celebrating the area with events, marketing campaigns and joint initiatives.


Placemaking refers to publicly accessible streets and open spaces between buildings. Currently, traffic, vehicle and pedestrian congestion dominate our everyday experiences. Our ‘People Wanted’ Public Realm Vision and Strategy was published in 2020 and created with the objective to help people who live, work and visit Victoria Westminster enjoy its public spaces and surroundings, in direct response to the needs and concerns of the residents and businesses in the area. We will update businesses on development timelines, engage business stakeholders and work to influence decision-makers. We also implement our own innovative public realm projects to enhance the Victoria Westminster area, with one of our most recent projects being the refurbishment of Christchurch Gardens, which was pioneered by the BID and delivered by Westminster City Council, to transform the gardens into a high-quality public space.

Community Safety & Business Resilience

The Community Safety & Business Resilience programme brings businesses and police services together to ensure best practices. We have established a range of initiatives in response to business requirements, working with the police, local authority, private security teams and other key stakeholders to provide free training opportunities to members, disseminate important information to our community and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Environmental, Social & Governance incorporate the principles of sustainability into the organisation’s programmes and projects: economic, environmental and social. Large and small businesses are increasingly adopting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles – economic, environmental and social – to create sustainable business models. We seek to promote an appealing business environment in Victoria Westminster that fosters long-term sustainable economic growth and the improved wellbeing of employees, visitors and residents.